Sunday, December 1, 2013

Blog Post # 15 What Assistive Technology Tools Are Available to You As Teacher?

There are a list of assistive technology products located at A few that I have chosen is Alternative Keys- which features larger-or smaller-than standard keys or keyboards, alternative key configurations, and keyboard for use with one hand. This tool can useful for the student with a birth defect of the hand. A key- board of this kind would make it less complicated for the student to type in assignments.

The Braille embosser-is a tool that transferes generated text into embossed Braille output. Braille translation programs convert text scanned-in or generated via standard word processing programs into Braille, which can be printed on the embosser. This device give the student with vision impairment the opportunity to use the computers.

Reading tools and learning disabilities programs-these tools include software and hardware designs that make text-based material more accessible for people who have difficulty with reading. Options can include scanning, reformatting, navigating,or speaking text out loud. These programs are helpful for those who have difficulty, seeing or manipulating conventional print materials; people who are developing new literacy skills or who are learning English as a foreign language; and people who comprehend better when they hear and see text highlighted simultaneously. These tools are a must have for any teacher. They can make reading assignment more understandable. For some students, using these tools no longer make reading assignments boring.

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