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Blog Post #5 Part 2PLN's What Are They?

Personal Learning Network are sources that you can turn to when in need of help. This help consists of advice from other educators. I have added to my network retired teachers in my church, blogging, and a sister-in-law that is a educator. A few websites is,, and Pinterest.

C4T #4

Hadley, J.F.- This blog is one that I will keep in mind when I enter the classroom. It gives the teacher a little information about the student that can be very beneficial. Teachers helping teachers is how we help our students. Thank you.

Summary- This teacher shares information on how he got his students, using sticky notes, to tell what area in the learning process that could make them Super Learners if they could improve that area. He lets us know that this process made a very good year for him.

Lee Kolbert- The ending of your blog sums up what is needed in the home which will help the classroom. Your blog is a winner with lots of approval by any educator. I am studying to be an educator. Teachers that I know are warning me that disruptive students are  problem.

Summary  -This was a blog of how systems that teacher used to keep classroom order can no longer be practiced,  for fear of new rules concerning discipline in the classroom. The cry for the standing up by parents and teacher on these senseless rules is what is expressed. A system that was shared with us in this blog seemed harmless, but for fear of being in violation, was stopped.  This was a very informative blog on classroom management.

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Blog Post Assignment #14 Teaching Can Be a Profession by Joel Klein

The thought of teaching being a profession is discussed in more detail by Joel Klein. Mr. Klein talks of some of the things he would change in the area of teaching. The first problem he points out is, "the need for better academic training for  prospective teachers, with a solution of providing solid math preparation resembling the practices of high performing nation; second, a new approach to recruiting teachers with a solution of recruiting from the top third of graduates; third the way teacher are rewarded with the solution of  excellency, not seniority being the guiding hallmark." (Klein, USA Today News Paper.)

The problem of better academic training for teachers is needed. If the material which is taught to potential educators is not matching other nations, there need to be a Educational Watch in this area to make sure training given is adequate, so educators can be better prepared to be a productive teachers.

I do agree with introducing a new approach for recruiting  teachers. The ideal of choosing from the top  third is a start. The attitude of  how seriously the profession means to an individual should also be a governing factor for recruiting teachers.

The rewarding of a teacher for excellency is another area that I agree with Mr. Klein. Thirty years of being an educators and you are not an effective teacher, should not put a teacher in line for any reward

Conclusion-The thought of the teaching profession moving into strict requirements for acceptance into the field would greatly give this area a better reputation. The supplying of study material inline with other nations would also help improve our education system. These suggestions by Mr. Klein are all positive suggestions for improving our education system.  

Works Cited

Klein, Joel."Teaching Can Be a Profession." USA  Today Newspaper  17 Nov. 2014. Print.


C4K #11

Cameron - Comment-I believe you liked this story. Ellie loves her pet. I had a goldfish when I was younger,re and I had fun feeding it.

 Summary - Cameron  liked the story, the 14th Goldfish, a story read in class.In the story, the character Ellie had a goldfish for a pet. I told him having a goldfish for a pet is cool. I told him that many years ago, I had a goldfish, and how much fun it was feeding it.

Antonio - Comment- I really have not slowed down enough to understand soccer, but in other countries, it is the number one sport. Your blog tells me that you are a soccer fan. One day, I am going to try and understand this sport, but while I am trying to figure out soccer, you have fun!

Summary-Antonio really enjoys soccer. He is detailed in his blog of his enjoyment in playing soccer. He gives the feeling of what it is like to be on the field.

GraceH - Comment- In your blog, you are using your new vocabulary words very well. We too, are being taught to use college  vocabulary words. Your family and friends will look at you a little strange for a while, but they will get use to you. Let's keep learning new words, their meaning, how to pronounce them, how to spell them, and when to use them. WE CAN DO IT!

Summary- GraceH is learning new words. She did not like this new process at the beginning, but when she practiced with a goal of doing better, she liked learning new words. In her blogs, I can tell she is using words that are different, but have meanings that you are familiar with.

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Blog Post #13 What Can Elementary Education Teachers Do to Help Improve Our Student's Handwriting, Using Technology?

The students of today have a complaint from their parents, the ability to write legible. I also noticed my own children, before leaving home, had this problem. Website like:, address solution to this problem. Our children are technology smart which is a positive thing for them, but we must not let our students forget they will need the skill of writing in the workforce and other areas of their life. Parents also have a part in teaching this much needed skill to their children. I have a memory as a small child of my parents having me to sit down at the kitchen table, write my name and the alphabets, regularly. The many hours that our children use technology, has taken the writing skill to a very low usage. Another website that offers help on this subject is: If somehow the elementary education teacher could fit these websites, or other helpful source into the lesson plans of today,they can help correct this problem.

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C4T Assignment

Comment 1- When I read blogs, something about its message attracts me. Critique is not on my mind.  Others sharing their thoughts can be very helpful.

Summary-The reading of the message in blogs and not criticizing the message is what this blog is about.

Comment 2 - The using of others information is what we are learning in depth as we research and then record the information. Cite where your information is coming from, if it is not your own, is the first rule we are being taught.

Summary- This blog stresses the importance of getting permission before using work that others have created.

Project #10 Interview Movie

Blog Post # 12 What Assisitive Technologies Are Availiable to You As A Teacher?


Teachers use digital pens to record the notes they
take. They will take the notes then they will
Digital Pen upload the notes to the computer to show to their
students on a smartboard or projector. The digital
pen can be a great resourse for students because
they can put their notes on the computer and
organize them. It can be especial helpful for students with disabilties because they can record the teacher talking then can be uploaded to the computer and converted to notes. the digital pen is slightly bigger than a stylus but very easy to use. Some particular pens require a certain type of paper but it is not that expensive.WikiPedia
Another type of digital pen was made by Leap Frog.
It allows the kid to slide the pen over the word
and it will read it to the kid so they can repeat it.
Researched By: Heather Trawick

<b>iPads</b><br /><div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"><a href="" imageanchor="1" style="clear: right; float: right; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-left: 1em;"><img alt="iPad sitting on top of some books" title="" border="0" src="" /></a></div>
iPads or tablets are a great way to use assistive technology because of all the apps they have available. One of my favorite apps was iCommunicate it allows students to design their own storyboards, flash cards and more. Another one is myHomework it lets students get their homework and everything for their classes together in one app. It is very easy to use and works great. The last one I want to talk about is Dragon Dictation. It is an easy voice recognition app that allows you to speak and see what you have said in text. It is 5 times faster than just typing on a keyboard.<br />
~Sources~<br />
<br />
<br />
Research by Kaitlyn McLarty

I chose to do "Electronic Worksheets". <a href="" target=_"blank"> MathPad and MathPad Plus </a> are websites that a teacher can use to make his or her own worksheets for students that might have ADHD or might need help refining their motor skills. The Mathpad version is for grades K-2 and it helps them with borrowing and adding. The Mathpadplus version is for grades 3-5 and it helps them with decimals, fractions, and word problems. Both of these electronic worksheets will read the problem to students. Students can use headphones when using these worksheets so that they do no distract other students.<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"><a href="" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img alt="Mathpad" title="" border="0" src="" /></a></div>
Research by Jessica Mayo. 

The SmartBoard was created by research. Inventors used projectors, the white board, computers, and computer applications to create the SmartBoard. This combination and interactiveness created the ability to “touch control computer applications.” (wikipedia). Students with physical handicaps can use the SmartBoard as an assistive  tool because it oprerates with the touch of the finger, or a stick. Math, Science, English, and searching the web for helpful information on school assignments are at the students request with just a touch on the white interactive board.

Work Cited

SmartBoard. www.   

By Edna Montgomery

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Blog Assignment # 11 What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning from These Teachers?

These videos from different teachers are on Project Based Learning and Twenty-First Century Teaching. They enlighten future teachers, and informs them that the method of teaching, and holding the students attention, has changed. The stress of the point these educators want other educators to know is the new method of helping our students to learn is different from the traditional method we have known for years .This method causes the student to mix real world events into the learning environment, and letting the community around them view what is happening in the class room. This
has caused an improvement in the students desire to want to learn. Projects that cause the students to become physical, do research, and then place it on youtube or a blog, encourages the student to present their best, because others will be watching their work. These teachers also share with us a view of their classroom using Project Based Learning and technology. I have learned from these teachers that I will have to become more knowledgeable about Project Based Learning and Technology.

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Blog Post # 10 What Can We Learn From Mrs. Cassidy?

Mrs Cassidy seems to have a passion for technology. Her strong message of technology, was a theme she presented strongly. Blogging is a tool that she keeps her students interested in. Her conversations on what blogs are and how they work in the classroom with her students was very helpful. The technique that the lower elementary students I want to teach would like, is Skype. The ability to communicate with someone that can be seen, in another part of the world, will be exciting. Some things that might interfere with technology use in the classroom is keeping the students away from undesirable websites. Putting safety blocks on these sites is a way to keep the students safe. The benefits of technology is where the students meet new people, ideas, and adventures; also, technology saves time and money while traveling around the world, and learning.

C4K Summary for October

Alayna-comment Those are beautiful paintings that you have posted to your blog. I love the lovely colors. Great Job. She only posted two painting from a web site and thanked the painter for the pictures

Jonah-comment-That was very funny about your make  believe grandparents. The picture at the bottom is just right for the Halloween season.

Braeden K.- I love this time of the year because of the beautiful colorful leaves. Have you noticed the sound the dry leaves makes when the wind blows them down the street? Rowona-Your blog on learning directions with using items like the ice cream shop, post office, and other buildings, so you can keep in mind what is north, south, east, and west, is a good ideal. I am studying to be a kindergarten teacher and I wii keep your maps in mind. Summaries Alayna -There was only pictures in her post, and a thank you note to the pictures' author. Jonah- His blog had a make believe play grandparents doing dances, and playing around.The play was made for laughter. Braeden- This comment was about the fall of the year and all the colorful leaves that were falling. Rowana- In her blog, she is learning how to read directions on a map. Her teacher is using certain building and marking the building with north, south, east, and west to help the student learn direction

Project 12 Part A: Mastering SMART BOARD Tools

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blog Assignment #9 What Can Teachers and Students Teach Us About Project Based Learning?

The  source of material on Project Based Learning with the students and teachers that are using this method of learning, completely eliminates the traditional method of teaching. Reports of students using collaborative methods, critical thinking, and technology in PBL along with the students having a say in the learning process, encourages both students and teachers to become engaged in whatever the project consists of. The students are guided to ask questions about whatever the project is and from there do a real life search for themselves that might involve something in their community to get answers. Project Based Learning informs students that others will be tracking their work also. This is a factor that makes students want to do good work, knowing others will be looking at their projects. Creativity is another strong factor for this new method of keeping our students not only interested but engaged in the learning process. Peer editing and revising are the perfecting of the brainstorming ideas that created the project, a part where the student presents a more clearer view of the project, Teachers monitor the students project and offers advice when needed. This out of the listening to lecture and lets create what is being lectured produces more comprehension of what is trying to be taught.

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Special Assignment.

Part A- With the data on the much usage of smartphones, educators would do well to have lessons that can be used for the smartphones, since student wake up reaching for this form of technology. Learner can access much information from this device. It is a phone and has capabilities of having internet service.

The student can use these devices anywhere an internet signal is present

C4T #2

The first comment was on our schools getting involved in teaching our children about money, and how it should be spent. H & R Block should be given a special recognition for this much needed topic. Teaching students about money before entering the world of handling money, is a giant step in the direction of being financially healthy.

The second comment was on the ten tips to help with studying. I found that these tips is worth trying. They are simple, and easy instruction to follow, Eating right, exercise, and using your time wisely is just a few of the things mentioned. These blogs were informational to help others to better their life. Thank you for caring and sharing.

Blog Assignment #8 What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning From Randy Pausch?

Mr. Pausch presented a very powerful message on teaching students a different way. He shows the world in this video about a personal challenge where he accepts the things in life that he cannot change and then focuses strongly on the things he can change; for example, making learning a fun experience. Helping others is another strong message he stresses. Share your dreams, and teach other to dream ,then teach them to work toward making those dreams reality. His speeches and films enlighten the use of Project Based Learning and how it drew the interest of the student parents, friend, and the community.

Project 9

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Project #7 Part B

Blog Assignment #7 How Do We All Become Learners?

To be an educator using Project Base Learning, I have quite a few weakness. To name a few, not enough computer skills, my typing speed that needs improvement,and understanding the copyrights rules. The strengths that I have for this new learning process is my belief that this is an answer for keeping our children focused on learning, no fear of trying things that will make a situation better, and a mind that is interested in learning. These videos of very young student, skilled in technology, intimidates me. The desire to want to be an educator will make me pray hard to learn audio codes, QUR code using, learn to use iPads, Poplet, Alabama Virtual Library, create Board Builders,use Padlets,and do researches using technology. Technology now makes the job of teaching, where the teacher teaches the student, and the student teach the teacher of the world of technology.

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C4K #3 Summary


The comments for Faaiua was, I enjoyed her method of sharing her slide show, learning to subtract problem with hundredth by changing the second number into a whole number. I told her to keep in mind the rules of math, and she will do fine. The comments for Jessica was, I am glad you are going on a field trip to your state capitol, and to make sure to wear comfortable shoes. She was excited about the trip, so not much was said on her blog.


Faaiua - The slide show that Faaiua posted on her blog was well prepared. She did a great job on explaining the steps to get to the answers for her problems. A slide for each step was provided. She made her presentation easy to understand. Jessica- Her blog was presented nicely. It expressed excitement of going to her state's capitol. I thought of the visit I made to my state's capitol, and reminds her to wear comfortable shoes.

Project #8 Book Trailer

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Blog Assignment #5 PLNs What Are They?

PLN is Personal Learning Network and it is a social network that connects you with others in the same interest that you have. Education is my interest, so here are a few of my PLNs:
Delicious,            Kelly Hines    Edutopia

Blog Assignment #6 What Do You Learn From These Conversation With Anthony Capps?

This is a very nice thing that Mr. Capps has shared his experience of Project Base Learning with us. These conversation prepare first time teachers for the classroom. Keeping in mind, to carry PBL with me in the classroom is the first thing I learned. His explaining of how it works, and the students interested in this method of learning is another great part of his conversation. He introduces websites like iCurio and Discovery Ed to teachers as safe sites for students to search for information. He also talks of the keys to be successful in using Project Base Learning; being a learner, flexible, staring with a goal, keeping in mind that it is hard work, and reflections are the keys he discusses. Mr. Capps stress that technology should not be taught, but introduce it slowly to your students. He warns teachers that without technology in the classroom, students might not be engaged in the learning process. Mr. Capps warns educator that today's student and technology are already acquainted with each other, so pencil and paper learning alone will be boring.

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Project #15-Search Engines

1. WolframAlpha is most useful for  computer algebra, symbolic and numerical computation,visualization, and statistics capabilities. (Wikipedia)
search engine
WolframAlpha-a computational knowledge engine or answer engine developed by Wolfram Research. It works by being an online service that answers factual queries from externally sourced "curated data." (Wikipedia)

This search engine has interactive ability in it.s software.

2. Bing- this search engine is most useful for being a decision engine.(Wikipedia)

This search engine works by listing related searches when queries are entered.(Wikipedia)

Bing is pretty swift at getting information.
3. Yahoo-is a search directory. It works by sending queries to a searchable index of pages supplemented with its directory of sites. (Wikipedia)

This search engine is used to give location and direction of things.

Yahoo is a good for free e-mails.
yahoo This search engine is used for question answering-focused  for the web. (Wikipedia)

With this search engine, just type in your question and enter it, and wait foe response. answers things that are sometimes difficult to locate.
5. Isearch- This search engine search for information and retrieves it.(Wikipedia)         i

This search engine is ideal for locating lost information.

This search engine can be a valuable engine for businesses.

6.DuckDuckGO is a search engine that is used to protect searches privacy.(Wikipedia)

It works by not profiling its user.

This search engines teams up with other search engines like Wolfram Alpha, Bing, and Yahoo to give the best information possible.(Wikipedia)

7. Blekko is a search engine that uses slashtags, and offers downloadable search bars.(Wikipedia)

 This search engine would be used for regular searches.

This search engines has gather information from 3 billion trusted webpages, this gives it a great rating.

 8. Munax is a search engine used for all-content search that powers nationwide and worldwide public searches.(Wikipedia

 This all -content search engine powers with public search engines.

 This search engine has multimedia programs which gives it a good rating.

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iLearn Technology Blog

The first blog was an inspiring digital video that showed the mind is a creative tool. This video proves that thinking and  giving those positive thoughts energy to become reality can be uplifting to you and countless others. I hope Abigal wins the contest. She has already sparked a winning attitude in the minds of many; the attitude of dream and believe in your dream.

The second blog provided information on SNAP Learning Close Reading Portfolio, an online reading program. As a future educator of lower elementary, it sounds like a valuable tool for the classroom. Technology is something today's student is very familiar with,so this tool ,with interactive ability, will help in holding the student's attention, and help in comprehending what is being read.

Comments for Teacher

For first blog I was amazed at what the video showed. A young lady had made a digital character movie and put it a contest that got a lot of attention. I commented on what dreaming and testing your dreams can do.

The second blog shared valuable information of an on-line reading program which I was thankful to learn about. SNAP Learning Close Reading Portfolio is the program name; one of the features I like is the interactive ability the student will have access to. This on-line program also offers the ability for students to better comprehend the material while they are learning to read.iLearn Technology

1.This is an inspiring video. The mind is a creative tool. This video is definitely proof that thinking and  giving those positive thoughts energy to become reality can be uplifting to you and countless others. I hope Abigal wins the contest. She has already sparked a winning attitude in the minds of many. That attitude of dream and believe in your dream.

2.Thank you for the information on SNAP Learning Close Reading Portfolio. As a future educator of lower elementary, this sounds like a valuable tool for the classroom. Technology is something today's student is very familiar with,so this tool ,with interactive ability, will help in holding the student's attention, and help in comprehending what is being read.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #4 Asking Questions: What question do we ask? How do we ask?

 According to Common Core, "teaching students to ask their own questions helps them become self directed learners...."  What kind of questions do we ask? Some like Maryellen Weiner, PhD in her Teaching Professor Blog states, good questions make students think; so ask prepared questions, questions that can be played with, and save your good questions." These are good starters on where to start this different approach of trying to get our students interested in the learning process. In Ben Johnson's Blog,  he points out we ask our students at the end of a reading, "do everyone understand, and if no one responds, that is taken for "yes we understand." Mr. Johnson calls this a "useless practice of asking students this question"

How do we ask questions? Using Bloom's Taxonomy, aim for clear questions, and follow yes or no questions with an additional question is what the website at "," states. As educators, being effectual involves things that will cause students to become thinkers first and then ready doer for what ever task is put before them. Asking questions according to Warren Berger's, produces successful people.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #3 How Can You Provide Meaningful Feedback to Your Peers?

Feedbacks using rubrics can open a lot of avenues for correcting and making an assignment better. Some of the things used in my group rubric are content, organization, and attitude. Our grade scale is 1-Poor,  2-Fair, 3-Good, and 4-Excellent. Peers can know what the thoughts of others are concerning the project he or she is working on, whether the project is acceptable or is there a need to change something. Rubrics gives detail information on what is wrong with something and how to correct it. An example for 1-Poor is given because no understanding of what project is about, whereas 4-Excellent is given because details are clear and assignment is understandable.  Rubrics are a positive and informative method to address comments to your peers work.

Peer Editing

The process of proofreading your classmate writings is a task that should be taken with much care, is what I understand about peer editing. Keeping in mind that you could face the same criticism you are giving others should make one think hard of what is being pointed out in another person's material.  The using of soft words are one of the instructions in the given material to follow. Easing into what may not be a good paper, can make correcting the paper a learning experience for it's writer.

 Preparing yourself for how to edit is really important.  The point in editing a person too hard or too easy is something you have to keep in mind. Too hard, is every little mistake you point out with a critical attitude; being easy means you want to hurry and get through the editing process with out noticing errors. Avoid both of these practices. When noticing too many comma errors, for example, you might say,  watch the over usage of commas in your writing, in hopes the person will seek assistance in the use of commas.  Peer Editing, when used properly, is a much needed tool in the world of communication, to help the meaning of what is being written, more clearer.

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Blog Post Assignment #2 What Will Teaching in the 21st Century be Like?

                                      Mr. Dancealot
1.  The main message in this video is, Mr. Dancealot non-technology method of teaching in boring to today's highly technical students.  His words are slow motion movies to these students. Answers with examples at your finger tips in a matter of seconds, the teacher of time before technology, is out of step with todays classroom. 

2. The author's point is made clear when it is time to exhibit want was lectured in the classroom. Nobody was sure of what to do.

3. Yea, I do agree with the author. I agree because during lectures, information is missed; either through the teacher talking to fast or you taking notes and miss something that may be important.

Teaching in the 21st Century
1. Robert's message of teaching in the 21st century, clearly let educators know what today challenge of trying to reach students will have to be equipped with. The message he shows is here is your tools you will need for our new method of teaching our students.

2.In one of Roberts arguments he state that, "teachers are filters, do we want our students to be entertained or engaged?" He explains that, "teachers are their to break down information to students if there is something to complicated for them to understand, and for the entertain of engage argument he make it clear that we want our students to be able to "solve problems than to escape by being entertained."

3. I feel his thoughts are in the right direction of how the world of change is in the educational system and is needed for reaching today's students.

4. As a educator with dreams of being the teacher I had as a child, that dream is now ashes in my mind because there was no technology when I was in school forty-two years ago.

The Networked Student
1. The networked students need teachers to properly guide them into the technology. Negative websites, copyright rules are just a few things that need to be taught about using technology, this is where teachers are still valuable if they are technology trained.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

1. Davis main point in this video is, "we are located in rural America, but we take our students around the world to meet other people. 

2. My reaction is, I want to learn how to do this inexpensive, convenient way to meet  people  all around the world.

Who's Ahead in the Learning Race?

1. Let the truth be known, today's student are ahead in this the technology in the classroom today race, with my position of crossing the line last.

Flipping the Classroom

1. Flipping the classroom is new to me.

2. The approach shown in the video could indeed be a valuable tool to a teacher.

3. The explanation of letting the student take the teacher home on a video, with examples and instructions of what the  is required, is a positive approach to help students who need more time to get what the teacher is asking of them.

Bringing the Locker Room into the Classroom

1.Owens noticed in the locker room that what he saw on the television was not taking place in the locker room ,the "speeches, and other things; instead he saw discussions, debates, questions, and part collaboration.' These items he name can be useful tools for educators to help get their student to a higher level of learning and ready for the world waiting for them after schooling is over.


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<a href= ""target="_blank"EDM310ClassBlog</a>

Monday, August 25, 2014

Blog Post #1

1. What are the things (if any) you have heard about EDM310?
    Answer: EDM310 is a confusing class.  The first day of class is run fast, but to where?

2. What fears (if any) do you have about EDM310?
    Answer: The use of  Mac computers, and learning so much about technology in such a short period.

3. Compare and contrast EDM310 with other courses you have taken in college or high school.
    Answer: In all honesty, I have never taken a course like EDM310 before.

4. What do you think will be the most difficult thing for you in EDM310?
   Answer: I have purchased a Mac laptop, and I am going to attempt to learn how to use my new
                  laptop, and keep up with my assignments.

5. What is the best way for you to address this "most difficult" aspect of EDM310?
   Answer: Stay in the lab, with  the lab assistants helping with difficult problems.

6. What questions do you still have about EDM310?  What ideas do you have about how to address
    those questions?
  Answer: Having taken this course before, I have no questions at this time.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Practice Post

My name is Edna Montgomery.  I want to be an educator because I like to help others. An educator is a lighthouse to show others new things.  My passion is cooking.

An educator is a special person. This individual is gifted with bringing out the hidden person within one. Sometimes the light switch  in the brain need a special voice, to help to light up; that is where the skill of teaching is needed. Technology is proving to be a key new tool to help educators reach those who need a little more time and help.

My passion is cooking.  I like to experiment with recipes. Main dishes are my specialties. I am on a health awareness role while enjoying my passion.   Fats are limited, salt and sugar are not used heavy like in the past, but I still use salt and sugar.