Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blog Post # 14 How can elementary teachers with grade K, use technology to make the first week easier?

To help students who had no separation time from parent prior to kindergarten, technology can be a comforting tool for the student. Using the cell phone for a few seconds to let student hear a parent's voice can be a relieving source, for student and teacher. I can relate to this very much. I had no separation time from my parents and it was tears and fears for a "very long time."

C4K Comments Summary # 3

Nirmala- Hi, My name is Edna Montgomery, I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. Nirmala, the character in this story sounds very interesting.  To have disabilities, and still have a desire to help other makes Melody a hero. Your desire to make things better for Melody makes you a hero too. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Nirmala assignment is to answer several question on the story she has read. Her teacher is taking her class in the world of the disabled. Niramala blog show's she has compassion for her character. This is a positive for the classroom, letting our students know of life of the disabled.

Crusader- You are a terrific story teller. I read this story with great interest.Really interesting. For a minute I thought you were really in the rain forest. Keep up the good work.

Crusader had to tell a story about an adventure in the rain forest. He did an excellent job. I felt I was traveling with him on this thrilling trip. With work like this, he will make a good writer.
Kaydance- Red is my favorite color, when I see red it makes me happy. Your drawing represents people walking along side of a fence on a sunny day. Great job.

Kaydance drew objects that resembled people walking beside a fence. It was in reference to a math project they were doing. It was neatly done and colorful.

Kaydance-Your drawing is unique. It looks as if strong winds are blowing the grass. I guess that could represent being mad, so your drawing represents your title well. Good job!

Kaydance drew a unique picture and named it coloring mad. The work was uniformed and showing rough winds, well fitting the title.

Project 12 B Lesson Plan Using Smartboard

C4T Summary # 4

Interactive Quiz: Are you a good Language Learner? - By Larry Ferlazzo A survival manual with a lesson plan, plus videos, is a great tool for educators teaching language. For some students language
 is a difficult subject. These tools make this subject less difficult.

Mr. Ferlazzo is sharing his knowledge on making language understandable. He gives the name of books, locations of web-sites, and  videos as tools for helping to accomplishing this.

Comment # 2- Great Interactive: "Why are we building new walls to divide us?"- These articles gives readers a clearer picture of the kind of world we live in. I personally feel walls are necessary. We are in a world where evil minds still exist. Yes, there are walls that separate all areas of life; the one that I address is the need to protect not only our citizens, but our waterways, soil, and other important structures needed to keep our country, and other countries with wall, safe.

Mr. Ferlazzo, with the photos that he presents, is letting the world know of the many new walls that are being built. He brings to mind the time when walls were being torn down. A new evil has surfaced, these walls are needed.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blog Post # 13 What Can We Learn From These TED Talks?

These speakers all had the same message, let’s move forward in a new  direction of educating our children. Each had a passion for the message they were speaking about, a genuine concern for the need to reform our education system. This is the main theme in just about all of these speeches. Much can be learned, examples of inexpensive ways, encouraging your students, and peers helping peers are just a few of what these speakers shared in reinventing the classrooms. Educators can think on these speeches, and walk in the classroom with the students future in mind. Hopefully, the thought will be that technology, and hands on type learning will help in fulfilling their job, of readying these students for what is present in today’s world, not yesterday’s world.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blog Post # 12 What Can We Learn From Sir Ken Robinson?

The first thing I would love to grab from Sir Ken Robinson’s speeches, is his statement of being afraid of making mistakes. This has been a great problem for me. He points out that children are not afraid of mistakes and how this is part of their being. "Our education system, programs us and erases that born ability", he states; which is the reason so many of us are not at our height in life. This has been a blessing for me to hear this dynamic speaker; his speeches have released some of the chains from my thinking. Also, Sir Ken Robinson has given us the vision we need in helping reform education. All schools need to send representative to Finland, to take notes, for keeping our students interested in school. Schools, modeling people for the job market, is something I did not think about. The amount of useless degrees in our society is enough evidence to change this practice. The job market and economy are not in step with this practice anymore. It is time to approach our students with different methods of learning. Sir Ken Robinson has shown us the directions to start.

Project 15

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

C4T #3 Summary

Hi, my name is Edna Montgomery, I am a student in EDM 310  at the University of South Alabama. Your plea for a method to incorporate technology as a tool in helping our students to become more interested in the learning process, is a plea our administrators need to address. Technology is a part of our student's everyday life, let's bring it to the classroom.

This video is an excellent example of the impact of technology in the classroom. The students showed their interest and excitement to the world in this video.

This post could not have come at a better time. Getting this message, "The Future Starts Today Not Tomorrow," to this worried about the future world, will be a mountain climbed.

 The author gives the eyes something to relate to. Words are sometimes heard, but not comprehended. Here the post says a lot for you to think about.


Blog Post # 11 Ms. Cassidy

Ms. Cassidy had a vision of breaking the classroom boredom. Stepping out of the mold that most classrooms follow, Ms. Cassidy has her place in pioneering technology in the classrooms. Others not supporting her did not discourage her. She admitted there were trails and errors, but that is how she perfected her work.

The technique I would use from Ms. Cassidy's  conversation is blogging. The students interest and excitement using this form of technology  out shines the other forms of technology. One of the many concerns about technology is unruly students visiting bad websites. Notifying the principal  is the only thing legally I can think of.

I want to thank Ms. Cassidy for sharing her students and experience with us, along with the beautiful backyard of snow. Among the many benefits this pioneer has given us, hard work and caring for your students future is what that I will hold in mind.

Project #10 Interview Movie