Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blog Post # 10 What Can We Learn From Mrs. Cassidy?

Mrs Cassidy seems to have a passion for technology. Her strong message of technology, was a theme she presented strongly. Blogging is a tool that she keeps her students interested in. Her conversations on what blogs are and how they work in the classroom with her students was very helpful. The technique that the lower elementary students I want to teach would like, is Skype. The ability to communicate with someone that can be seen, in another part of the world, will be exciting. Some things that might interfere with technology use in the classroom is keeping the students away from undesirable websites. Putting safety blocks on these sites is a way to keep the students safe. The benefits of technology is where the students meet new people, ideas, and adventures; also, technology saves time and money while traveling around the world, and learning.

C4K Summary for October

Alayna-comment Those are beautiful paintings that you have posted to your blog. I love the lovely colors. Great Job. She only posted two painting from a web site and thanked the painter for the pictures

Jonah-comment-That was very funny about your make  believe grandparents. The picture at the bottom is just right for the Halloween season.

Braeden K.- I love this time of the year because of the beautiful colorful leaves. Have you noticed the sound the dry leaves makes when the wind blows them down the street? Rowona-Your blog on learning directions with using items like the ice cream shop, post office, and other buildings, so you can keep in mind what is north, south, east, and west, is a good ideal. I am studying to be a kindergarten teacher and I wii keep your maps in mind. Summaries Alayna -There was only pictures in her post, and a thank you note to the pictures' author. Jonah- His blog had a make believe play grandparents doing dances, and playing around.The play was made for laughter. Braeden- This comment was about the fall of the year and all the colorful leaves that were falling. Rowana- In her blog, she is learning how to read directions on a map. Her teacher is using certain building and marking the building with north, south, east, and west to help the student learn direction

Project 12 Part A: Mastering SMART BOARD Tools

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blog Assignment #9 What Can Teachers and Students Teach Us About Project Based Learning?

The  source of material on Project Based Learning with the students and teachers that are using this method of learning, completely eliminates the traditional method of teaching. Reports of students using collaborative methods, critical thinking, and technology in PBL along with the students having a say in the learning process, encourages both students and teachers to become engaged in whatever the project consists of. The students are guided to ask questions about whatever the project is and from there do a real life search for themselves that might involve something in their community to get answers. Project Based Learning informs students that others will be tracking their work also. This is a factor that makes students want to do good work, knowing others will be looking at their projects. Creativity is another strong factor for this new method of keeping our students not only interested but engaged in the learning process. Peer editing and revising are the perfecting of the brainstorming ideas that created the project, a part where the student presents a more clearer view of the project, Teachers monitor the students project and offers advice when needed. This out of the listening to lecture and lets create what is being lectured produces more comprehension of what is trying to be taught.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Special Assignment.

Part A- With the data on the much usage of smartphones, educators would do well to have lessons that can be used for the smartphones, since student wake up reaching for this form of technology. Learner can access much information from this device. It is a phone and has capabilities of having internet service.

The student can use these devices anywhere an internet signal is present

C4T #2

The first comment was on our schools getting involved in teaching our children about money, and how it should be spent. H & R Block should be given a special recognition for this much needed topic. Teaching students about money before entering the world of handling money, is a giant step in the direction of being financially healthy.

The second comment was on the ten tips to help with studying. I found that these tips is worth trying. They are simple, and easy instruction to follow, Eating right, exercise, and using your time wisely is just a few of the things mentioned. These blogs were informational to help others to better their life. Thank you for caring and sharing.