Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blog Post #5 Part 2PLN's What Are They?

Personal Learning Network are sources that you can turn to when in need of help. This help consists of advice from other educators. I have added to my network retired teachers in my church, blogging, and a sister-in-law that is a educator. A few websites is,, and Pinterest.

C4T #4

Hadley, J.F.- This blog is one that I will keep in mind when I enter the classroom. It gives the teacher a little information about the student that can be very beneficial. Teachers helping teachers is how we help our students. Thank you.

Summary- This teacher shares information on how he got his students, using sticky notes, to tell what area in the learning process that could make them Super Learners if they could improve that area. He lets us know that this process made a very good year for him.

Lee Kolbert- The ending of your blog sums up what is needed in the home which will help the classroom. Your blog is a winner with lots of approval by any educator. I am studying to be an educator. Teachers that I know are warning me that disruptive students are  problem.

Summary  -This was a blog of how systems that teacher used to keep classroom order can no longer be practiced,  for fear of new rules concerning discipline in the classroom. The cry for the standing up by parents and teacher on these senseless rules is what is expressed. A system that was shared with us in this blog seemed harmless, but for fear of being in violation, was stopped.  This was a very informative blog on classroom management.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #14 Teaching Can Be a Profession by Joel Klein

The thought of teaching being a profession is discussed in more detail by Joel Klein. Mr. Klein talks of some of the things he would change in the area of teaching. The first problem he points out is, "the need for better academic training for  prospective teachers, with a solution of providing solid math preparation resembling the practices of high performing nation; second, a new approach to recruiting teachers with a solution of recruiting from the top third of graduates; third the way teacher are rewarded with the solution of  excellency, not seniority being the guiding hallmark." (Klein, USA Today News Paper.)

The problem of better academic training for teachers is needed. If the material which is taught to potential educators is not matching other nations, there need to be a Educational Watch in this area to make sure training given is adequate, so educators can be better prepared to be a productive teachers.

I do agree with introducing a new approach for recruiting  teachers. The ideal of choosing from the top  third is a start. The attitude of  how seriously the profession means to an individual should also be a governing factor for recruiting teachers.

The rewarding of a teacher for excellency is another area that I agree with Mr. Klein. Thirty years of being an educators and you are not an effective teacher, should not put a teacher in line for any reward

Conclusion-The thought of the teaching profession moving into strict requirements for acceptance into the field would greatly give this area a better reputation. The supplying of study material inline with other nations would also help improve our education system. These suggestions by Mr. Klein are all positive suggestions for improving our education system.  

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Klein, Joel."Teaching Can Be a Profession." USA  Today Newspaper  17 Nov. 2014. Print.


C4K #11

Cameron - Comment-I believe you liked this story. Ellie loves her pet. I had a goldfish when I was younger,re and I had fun feeding it.

 Summary - Cameron  liked the story, the 14th Goldfish, a story read in class.In the story, the character Ellie had a goldfish for a pet. I told him having a goldfish for a pet is cool. I told him that many years ago, I had a goldfish, and how much fun it was feeding it.

Antonio - Comment- I really have not slowed down enough to understand soccer, but in other countries, it is the number one sport. Your blog tells me that you are a soccer fan. One day, I am going to try and understand this sport, but while I am trying to figure out soccer, you have fun!

Summary-Antonio really enjoys soccer. He is detailed in his blog of his enjoyment in playing soccer. He gives the feeling of what it is like to be on the field.

GraceH - Comment- In your blog, you are using your new vocabulary words very well. We too, are being taught to use college  vocabulary words. Your family and friends will look at you a little strange for a while, but they will get use to you. Let's keep learning new words, their meaning, how to pronounce them, how to spell them, and when to use them. WE CAN DO IT!

Summary- GraceH is learning new words. She did not like this new process at the beginning, but when she practiced with a goal of doing better, she liked learning new words. In her blogs, I can tell she is using words that are different, but have meanings that you are familiar with.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post #13 What Can Elementary Education Teachers Do to Help Improve Our Student's Handwriting, Using Technology?

The students of today have a complaint from their parents, the ability to write legible. I also noticed my own children, before leaving home, had this problem. Website like:, address solution to this problem. Our children are technology smart which is a positive thing for them, but we must not let our students forget they will need the skill of writing in the workforce and other areas of their life. Parents also have a part in teaching this much needed skill to their children. I have a memory as a small child of my parents having me to sit down at the kitchen table, write my name and the alphabets, regularly. The many hours that our children use technology, has taken the writing skill to a very low usage. Another website that offers help on this subject is: If somehow the elementary education teacher could fit these websites, or other helpful source into the lesson plans of today,they can help correct this problem.