Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blog Post #16 Final Reflection - What Would You Change in Blog Post #1?

What would be the methods of teaching you would emphasize?
I would combine traditional teaching and technology together. I feel it is important to keep handwriting skills in existence. Technology has it’s place in education, but I will have a “no technology zone,” in the classroom.

What tools would you use?
The grades that I will teach is K-3, my tools will be the chalk and chalkboard, computers, Smartboard, iPads, and hopefully the ability to Skype.

What tools would your students use?
I would like my students to use computers, iPads, links to iCurio, links to Discovery Ed, the Smartboard, and Blogging.

Think about the learning in your classroom.
The learning that I can visualize in my classroom is where my students are interested in what they are learning. I let them know that what we are doing in the classroom, your parents will see, when they look in their computers at home. I feel this will be a motivator for my students, to want to do their best because they know others will be looking at what they are doing.

How would I change what I wrote about this subject at the beginning of the semester?

At the start of the semester I was clueless of the changes in the classrooms. The first thing I would change is the picture of the classroom I held in mind of many years ago. I would put the use of computers, Smartboards, iPads, and Blogging in my writing.

Technology has enhanced the teaching profession. The cry of, “We have got to teach differently, to reach our students,” has been answered. Thanks to the adding of technology, education is now more transparent. Parents and communities can see what happens in the classrooms.

I have grown tremendously, since the first Blog on this subject.


  1. Yes, you have grown. Maybe more than anyone else. You have worked very hard. There is a long way to go but your have come a very long way. I am proud of what you have done. I hope you will not start here. I don't think you will.

  2. Edna,

    You have grown so much since the beginning of the semester and we are all proud of your hard work! Keep up the great effort and you will be on your way to becoming a successful learner and educator!

    Good luck with the rest of your classes!