Sunday, September 28, 2014

C4K #3 Summary


The comments for Faaiua was, I enjoyed her method of sharing her slide show, learning to subtract problem with hundredth by changing the second number into a whole number. I told her to keep in mind the rules of math, and she will do fine. The comments for Jessica was, I am glad you are going on a field trip to your state capitol, and to make sure to wear comfortable shoes. She was excited about the trip, so not much was said on her blog.


Faaiua - The slide show that Faaiua posted on her blog was well prepared. She did a great job on explaining the steps to get to the answers for her problems. A slide for each step was provided. She made her presentation easy to understand. Jessica- Her blog was presented nicely. It expressed excitement of going to her state's capitol. I thought of the visit I made to my state's capitol, and reminds her to wear comfortable shoes.

Project #8 Book Trailer

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog Assignment #5 PLNs What Are They?

PLN is Personal Learning Network and it is a social network that connects you with others in the same interest that you have. Education is my interest, so here are a few of my PLNs:
Delicious,            Kelly Hines    Edutopia

Blog Assignment #6 What Do You Learn From These Conversation With Anthony Capps?

This is a very nice thing that Mr. Capps has shared his experience of Project Base Learning with us. These conversation prepare first time teachers for the classroom. Keeping in mind, to carry PBL with me in the classroom is the first thing I learned. His explaining of how it works, and the students interested in this method of learning is another great part of his conversation. He introduces websites like iCurio and Discovery Ed to teachers as safe sites for students to search for information. He also talks of the keys to be successful in using Project Base Learning; being a learner, flexible, staring with a goal, keeping in mind that it is hard work, and reflections are the keys he discusses. Mr. Capps stress that technology should not be taught, but introduce it slowly to your students. He warns teachers that without technology in the classroom, students might not be engaged in the learning process. Mr. Capps warns educator that today's student and technology are already acquainted with each other, so pencil and paper learning alone will be boring.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Project #15-Search Engines

1. WolframAlpha is most useful for  computer algebra, symbolic and numerical computation,visualization, and statistics capabilities. (Wikipedia)
search engine
WolframAlpha-a computational knowledge engine or answer engine developed by Wolfram Research. It works by being an online service that answers factual queries from externally sourced "curated data." (Wikipedia)

This search engine has interactive ability in it.s software.

2. Bing- this search engine is most useful for being a decision engine.(Wikipedia)

This search engine works by listing related searches when queries are entered.(Wikipedia)

Bing is pretty swift at getting information.
3. Yahoo-is a search directory. It works by sending queries to a searchable index of pages supplemented with its directory of sites. (Wikipedia)

This search engine is used to give location and direction of things.

Yahoo is a good for free e-mails.
yahoo This search engine is used for question answering-focused  for the web. (Wikipedia)

With this search engine, just type in your question and enter it, and wait foe response. answers things that are sometimes difficult to locate.
5. Isearch- This search engine search for information and retrieves it.(Wikipedia)         i

This search engine is ideal for locating lost information.

This search engine can be a valuable engine for businesses.

6.DuckDuckGO is a search engine that is used to protect searches privacy.(Wikipedia)

It works by not profiling its user.

This search engines teams up with other search engines like Wolfram Alpha, Bing, and Yahoo to give the best information possible.(Wikipedia)

7. Blekko is a search engine that uses slashtags, and offers downloadable search bars.(Wikipedia)

 This search engine would be used for regular searches.

This search engines has gather information from 3 billion trusted webpages, this gives it a great rating.

 8. Munax is a search engine used for all-content search that powers nationwide and worldwide public searches.(Wikipedia

 This all -content search engine powers with public search engines.

 This search engine has multimedia programs which gives it a good rating.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


iLearn Technology Blog

The first blog was an inspiring digital video that showed the mind is a creative tool. This video proves that thinking and  giving those positive thoughts energy to become reality can be uplifting to you and countless others. I hope Abigal wins the contest. She has already sparked a winning attitude in the minds of many; the attitude of dream and believe in your dream.

The second blog provided information on SNAP Learning Close Reading Portfolio, an online reading program. As a future educator of lower elementary, it sounds like a valuable tool for the classroom. Technology is something today's student is very familiar with,so this tool ,with interactive ability, will help in holding the student's attention, and help in comprehending what is being read.

Comments for Teacher

For first blog I was amazed at what the video showed. A young lady had made a digital character movie and put it a contest that got a lot of attention. I commented on what dreaming and testing your dreams can do.

The second blog shared valuable information of an on-line reading program which I was thankful to learn about. SNAP Learning Close Reading Portfolio is the program name; one of the features I like is the interactive ability the student will have access to. This on-line program also offers the ability for students to better comprehend the material while they are learning to read.iLearn Technology

1.This is an inspiring video. The mind is a creative tool. This video is definitely proof that thinking and  giving those positive thoughts energy to become reality can be uplifting to you and countless others. I hope Abigal wins the contest. She has already sparked a winning attitude in the minds of many. That attitude of dream and believe in your dream.

2.Thank you for the information on SNAP Learning Close Reading Portfolio. As a future educator of lower elementary, this sounds like a valuable tool for the classroom. Technology is something today's student is very familiar with,so this tool ,with interactive ability, will help in holding the student's attention, and help in comprehending what is being read.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #4 Asking Questions: What question do we ask? How do we ask?

 According to Common Core, "teaching students to ask their own questions helps them become self directed learners...."  What kind of questions do we ask? Some like Maryellen Weiner, PhD in her Teaching Professor Blog states, good questions make students think; so ask prepared questions, questions that can be played with, and save your good questions." These are good starters on where to start this different approach of trying to get our students interested in the learning process. In Ben Johnson's Blog,  he points out we ask our students at the end of a reading, "do everyone understand, and if no one responds, that is taken for "yes we understand." Mr. Johnson calls this a "useless practice of asking students this question"

How do we ask questions? Using Bloom's Taxonomy, aim for clear questions, and follow yes or no questions with an additional question is what the website at "," states. As educators, being effectual involves things that will cause students to become thinkers first and then ready doer for what ever task is put before them. Asking questions according to Warren Berger's, produces successful people.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #3 How Can You Provide Meaningful Feedback to Your Peers?

Feedbacks using rubrics can open a lot of avenues for correcting and making an assignment better. Some of the things used in my group rubric are content, organization, and attitude. Our grade scale is 1-Poor,  2-Fair, 3-Good, and 4-Excellent. Peers can know what the thoughts of others are concerning the project he or she is working on, whether the project is acceptable or is there a need to change something. Rubrics gives detail information on what is wrong with something and how to correct it. An example for 1-Poor is given because no understanding of what project is about, whereas 4-Excellent is given because details are clear and assignment is understandable.  Rubrics are a positive and informative method to address comments to your peers work.

Peer Editing

The process of proofreading your classmate writings is a task that should be taken with much care, is what I understand about peer editing. Keeping in mind that you could face the same criticism you are giving others should make one think hard of what is being pointed out in another person's material.  The using of soft words are one of the instructions in the given material to follow. Easing into what may not be a good paper, can make correcting the paper a learning experience for it's writer.

 Preparing yourself for how to edit is really important.  The point in editing a person too hard or too easy is something you have to keep in mind. Too hard, is every little mistake you point out with a critical attitude; being easy means you want to hurry and get through the editing process with out noticing errors. Avoid both of these practices. When noticing too many comma errors, for example, you might say,  watch the over usage of commas in your writing, in hopes the person will seek assistance in the use of commas.  Peer Editing, when used properly, is a much needed tool in the world of communication, to help the meaning of what is being written, more clearer.