Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Practice Post

My name is Edna Montgomery.  I want to be an educator because I like to help others. An educator is a lighthouse to show others new things.  My passion is cooking.

An educator is a special person. This individual is gifted with bringing out the hidden person within one. Sometimes the light switch  in the brain need a special voice, to help to light up; that is where the skill of teaching is needed. Technology is proving to be a key new tool to help educators reach those who need a little more time and help.

My passion is cooking.  I like to experiment with recipes. Main dishes are my specialties. I am on a health awareness role while enjoying my passion.   Fats are limited, salt and sugar are not used heavy like in the past, but I still use salt and sugar.

1 comment:

  1. Almost no salt for me. But I still put olive oil and salt on the skin of a potato before I bake it.