Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #2 What Will Teaching in the 21st Century be Like?

                                      Mr. Dancealot
1.  The main message in this video is, Mr. Dancealot non-technology method of teaching in boring to today's highly technical students.  His words are slow motion movies to these students. Answers with examples at your finger tips in a matter of seconds, the teacher of time before technology, is out of step with todays classroom. 

2. The author's point is made clear when it is time to exhibit want was lectured in the classroom. Nobody was sure of what to do.

3. Yea, I do agree with the author. I agree because during lectures, information is missed; either through the teacher talking to fast or you taking notes and miss something that may be important.

Teaching in the 21st Century
1. Robert's message of teaching in the 21st century, clearly let educators know what today challenge of trying to reach students will have to be equipped with. The message he shows is here is your tools you will need for our new method of teaching our students.

2.In one of Roberts arguments he state that, "teachers are filters, do we want our students to be entertained or engaged?" He explains that, "teachers are their to break down information to students if there is something to complicated for them to understand, and for the entertain of engage argument he make it clear that we want our students to be able to "solve problems than to escape by being entertained."

3. I feel his thoughts are in the right direction of how the world of change is in the educational system and is needed for reaching today's students.

4. As a educator with dreams of being the teacher I had as a child, that dream is now ashes in my mind because there was no technology when I was in school forty-two years ago.

The Networked Student
1. The networked students need teachers to properly guide them into the technology. Negative websites, copyright rules are just a few things that need to be taught about using technology, this is where teachers are still valuable if they are technology trained.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

1. Davis main point in this video is, "we are located in rural America, but we take our students around the world to meet other people. 

2. My reaction is, I want to learn how to do this inexpensive, convenient way to meet  people  all around the world.

Who's Ahead in the Learning Race?

1. Let the truth be known, today's student are ahead in this the technology in the classroom today race, with my position of crossing the line last.

Flipping the Classroom

1. Flipping the classroom is new to me.

2. The approach shown in the video could indeed be a valuable tool to a teacher.

3. The explanation of letting the student take the teacher home on a video, with examples and instructions of what the  is required, is a positive approach to help students who need more time to get what the teacher is asking of them.

Bringing the Locker Room into the Classroom

1.Owens noticed in the locker room that what he saw on the television was not taking place in the locker room ,the "speeches, and other things; instead he saw discussions, debates, questions, and part collaboration.' These items he name can be useful tools for educators to help get their student to a higher level of learning and ready for the world waiting for them after schooling is over.



  1. Hello, Edna hope you are having a good week. I just got through reading your blog post #2. It was a great post. I thought your point about "Mr. Dancealot" was great. I do agree that information can be lost using only lectures. I think the teacher has to show them what he expects. The students can then know what quality he expects. If the quality is tough then the students know they have to do the best. I found it interesting you used the "filter" quote for 21st teaching. The teacher is the filter now. It cleans up the information but the student has to take this information and fix it. I think it is awesome too how you can communicate to people around the world in seconds now. A great tool for communication because that is the base for learning new things. I was looking forward into your opinion on the locker room article. I am going to be a future coach. Coaching is teaching. I think your points of bringing the coach's tools into the classroom is a great idea. Sometime kids need motivation.