Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blog Post # 10 What Can We Learn From Mrs. Cassidy?

Mrs Cassidy seems to have a passion for technology. Her strong message of technology, was a theme she presented strongly. Blogging is a tool that she keeps her students interested in. Her conversations on what blogs are and how they work in the classroom with her students was very helpful. The technique that the lower elementary students I want to teach would like, is Skype. The ability to communicate with someone that can be seen, in another part of the world, will be exciting. Some things that might interfere with technology use in the classroom is keeping the students away from undesirable websites. Putting safety blocks on these sites is a way to keep the students safe. The benefits of technology is where the students meet new people, ideas, and adventures; also, technology saves time and money while traveling around the world, and learning.


  1. Mrs. Edna you have very good word structure, when talking about Mrs. Cassidy. I do also agree that the undesirable sites, is what we will have to make sure our students stay away from when using technology when doing school related activities.

  2. Mrs. Edna
    I agree on the value of Skype as a learning tool, for your small children and my high schoolers. I think that children should not only be blocked from parts of the internet but also be educated on proper online behavior.

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