Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blog Assignment #7 How Do We All Become Learners?

To be an educator using Project Base Learning, I have quite a few weakness. To name a few, not enough computer skills, my typing speed that needs improvement,and understanding the copyrights rules. The strengths that I have for this new learning process is my belief that this is an answer for keeping our children focused on learning, no fear of trying things that will make a situation better, and a mind that is interested in learning. These videos of very young student, skilled in technology, intimidates me. The desire to want to be an educator will make me pray hard to learn audio codes, QUR code using, learn to use iPads, Poplet, Alabama Virtual Library, create Board Builders,use Padlets,and do researches using technology. Technology now makes the job of teaching, where the teacher teaches the student, and the student teach the teacher of the world of technology.


  1. Hi Edna! I truly believe that you will overcome your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. The strengths that you stated overpower your weaknesses. The fact that you have no fear of trying new things already put you ahead in learning technology. I know personally technology can be intimidating, but with a little practice and doing the projects in this class, you will become more comfortable and confident. Great post! Very well stated! Just remember to put a link in your posts. Have a great semester!

  2. "...,I have quite a few weakness."
    It is always to be aware of your weaknesses, so you know where you can improve. Be sure to include links from which you obtained your information for your post. Most likely the links you will be using are the ones in directions for the blog post assignment.