Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #3 How Can You Provide Meaningful Feedback to Your Peers?

Feedbacks using rubrics can open a lot of avenues for correcting and making an assignment better. Some of the things used in my group rubric are content, organization, and attitude. Our grade scale is 1-Poor,  2-Fair, 3-Good, and 4-Excellent. Peers can know what the thoughts of others are concerning the project he or she is working on, whether the project is acceptable or is there a need to change something. Rubrics gives detail information on what is wrong with something and how to correct it. An example for 1-Poor is given because no understanding of what project is about, whereas 4-Excellent is given because details are clear and assignment is understandable.  Rubrics are a positive and informative method to address comments to your peers work.

Peer Editing

The process of proofreading your classmate writings is a task that should be taken with much care, is what I understand about peer editing. Keeping in mind that you could face the same criticism you are giving others should make one think hard of what is being pointed out in another person's material.  The using of soft words are one of the instructions in the given material to follow. Easing into what may not be a good paper, can make correcting the paper a learning experience for it's writer.

 Preparing yourself for how to edit is really important.  The point in editing a person too hard or too easy is something you have to keep in mind. Too hard, is every little mistake you point out with a critical attitude; being easy means you want to hurry and get through the editing process with out noticing errors. Avoid both of these practices. When noticing too many comma errors, for example, you might say,  watch the over usage of commas in your writing, in hopes the person will seek assistance in the use of commas.  Peer Editing, when used properly, is a much needed tool in the world of communication, to help the meaning of what is being written, more clearer.


  1. I liked your comment about editing, not too hard or too easy. My group's rubric was poor, below average, average, good, and excellent. I also believe that rubrics can help people to become better writers. By using positive criticism to show where someone needs improvement. You brought up a good point that when we edit someone's paper, we are learning too.

  2. Overall, great job!!

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