Sunday, September 28, 2014

C4K #3 Summary


The comments for Faaiua was, I enjoyed her method of sharing her slide show, learning to subtract problem with hundredth by changing the second number into a whole number. I told her to keep in mind the rules of math, and she will do fine. The comments for Jessica was, I am glad you are going on a field trip to your state capitol, and to make sure to wear comfortable shoes. She was excited about the trip, so not much was said on her blog.


Faaiua - The slide show that Faaiua posted on her blog was well prepared. She did a great job on explaining the steps to get to the answers for her problems. A slide for each step was provided. She made her presentation easy to understand. Jessica- Her blog was presented nicely. It expressed excitement of going to her state's capitol. I thought of the visit I made to my state's capitol, and reminds her to wear comfortable shoes.

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