Sunday, November 30, 2014

C4T #4

Hadley, J.F.- This blog is one that I will keep in mind when I enter the classroom. It gives the teacher a little information about the student that can be very beneficial. Teachers helping teachers is how we help our students. Thank you.

Summary- This teacher shares information on how he got his students, using sticky notes, to tell what area in the learning process that could make them Super Learners if they could improve that area. He lets us know that this process made a very good year for him.

Lee Kolbert- The ending of your blog sums up what is needed in the home which will help the classroom. Your blog is a winner with lots of approval by any educator. I am studying to be an educator. Teachers that I know are warning me that disruptive students are  problem.

Summary  -This was a blog of how systems that teacher used to keep classroom order can no longer be practiced,  for fear of new rules concerning discipline in the classroom. The cry for the standing up by parents and teacher on these senseless rules is what is expressed. A system that was shared with us in this blog seemed harmless, but for fear of being in violation, was stopped.  This was a very informative blog on classroom management.

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