Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post #13 What Can Elementary Education Teachers Do to Help Improve Our Student's Handwriting, Using Technology?

The students of today have a complaint from their parents, the ability to write legible. I also noticed my own children, before leaving home, had this problem. Website like:, address solution to this problem. Our children are technology smart which is a positive thing for them, but we must not let our students forget they will need the skill of writing in the workforce and other areas of their life. Parents also have a part in teaching this much needed skill to their children. I have a memory as a small child of my parents having me to sit down at the kitchen table, write my name and the alphabets, regularly. The many hours that our children use technology, has taken the writing skill to a very low usage. Another website that offers help on this subject is: If somehow the elementary education teacher could fit these websites, or other helpful source into the lesson plans of today,they can help correct this problem.


  1. Great post Ms. Edna! I personally have terrible handwriting and it's really embarrassing sometimes. I think there should be more of an emphasis on handwriting as well. Written language is a very important aspect of humanity. I also feel having students write information and notes allow them to retain it better than just reading it. Again, great post!

  2. Hi Ms. Edna,
    Great post! I completely agree that children in school should still practice handwriting. I also agree when you said it is great for our students and children are technology smart, which is great. But handwriting will always be necessary!
    Lindsey Donald