Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #14 Teaching Can Be a Profession by Joel Klein

The thought of teaching being a profession is discussed in more detail by Joel Klein. Mr. Klein talks of some of the things he would change in the area of teaching. The first problem he points out is, "the need for better academic training for  prospective teachers, with a solution of providing solid math preparation resembling the practices of high performing nation; second, a new approach to recruiting teachers with a solution of recruiting from the top third of graduates; third the way teacher are rewarded with the solution of  excellency, not seniority being the guiding hallmark." (Klein, USA Today News Paper.)

The problem of better academic training for teachers is needed. If the material which is taught to potential educators is not matching other nations, there need to be a Educational Watch in this area to make sure training given is adequate, so educators can be better prepared to be a productive teachers.

I do agree with introducing a new approach for recruiting  teachers. The ideal of choosing from the top  third is a start. The attitude of  how seriously the profession means to an individual should also be a governing factor for recruiting teachers.

The rewarding of a teacher for excellency is another area that I agree with Mr. Klein. Thirty years of being an educators and you are not an effective teacher, should not put a teacher in line for any reward

Conclusion-The thought of the teaching profession moving into strict requirements for acceptance into the field would greatly give this area a better reputation. The supplying of study material inline with other nations would also help improve our education system. These suggestions by Mr. Klein are all positive suggestions for improving our education system.  

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  1. Edna, you did a good job explaining when and how you agreed with Mr. Klein's points of view. You say that you agree that teachers should be rewarded for excellency, but how do we measure it? How can we measure how excellent a teacher is, especially if they are a new teacher and have only been teaching for a year or are a first-year teacher. Good job.