Sunday, October 20, 2013

Blog Post # 9 What can we learn about teaching and learn from these teachers?

What I learned from these teachers is to know you will have students from all backgrounds. For some, there may be a disconnect to what is really going on in life. Teacher will have to be the initiator of imagination and creativeness in the classroom. Having an outside visitor to be part of a project can make things much better too. Keeping in mind of standards that need to be met, teachers must take the time with students to be sure they are comprehending what is being done in the classroom. Blending of technology and classroom materials are also a start of what sparks a students interest, as one teacher points out.

Videos and blog post are standout tools because of the involvement of others outside the classrooms. Student are highly motivated to do a good job on assignments because of this.

Watching these films with the students really excited about what they are learning, is  causing my interest in technology and classrooms partnering to grow.

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  1. Did you do these collaboratively? It does not appear that you did.