Sunday, October 6, 2013

Assignment # 7 What Can You Learn From These Conversations With Anthony Capps?

The first thing I want  to say is, “Thank You Anthony Capps,” for sharing your experience
as a new teacher and  giving advice to future teacher. The conversations are powerful!
Setting goals for the students, parents not satisfied with Project Base Learning, and
information about iCurio are just some of his experiences Capps share with us.

I enjoyed these conversations and will reflect on them when I enter the classroom.

Jasmine Mccall  and Edna Montgomery

Capps stress of letting the students learn technology, one at a time, is a method of retaining a new skills and information. The tips for teachers is a extra bonus he gives us. I’m really listening
when he points out that teaching is hard work.

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  1. This is extremely short! You need to write more! Summarize the material and give your opinion on it. Also, "google image" is not an acceptable source!