Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blog Post Assignment #4 Asking Questions: What question do we ask? How do we ask?

 According to Common Core, "teaching students to ask their own questions helps them become self directed learners...."  What kind of questions do we ask? Some like Maryellen Weiner, PhD in her Teaching Professor Blog states, good questions make students think; so ask prepared questions, questions that can be played with, and save your good questions." These are good starters on where to start this different approach of trying to get our students interested in the learning process. In Ben Johnson's Blog,  he points out we ask our students at the end of a reading, "do everyone understand, and if no one responds, that is taken for "yes we understand." Mr. Johnson calls this a "useless practice of asking students this question"

How do we ask questions? Using Bloom's Taxonomy, aim for clear questions, and follow yes or no questions with an additional question is what the website at "," states. As educators, being effectual involves things that will cause students to become thinkers first and then ready doer for what ever task is put before them. Asking questions according to Warren Berger's, produces successful people.


  1. Hi Edna,

    I enjoyed how you summarized some of the resources we had available. Remember that your links are suppose to be in hyperlink form. That is when they appear as a word, instead of the url. This is pointed out in our instruction manual and how to fix it. Besides that your blog post was good. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Good job Mrs. Edna! You have included links in your post, but it is not a working link. Stop by the lab and have an assistant help you make it a working link.