Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blog Assignment #4 Why Podcasts? How do we do a podcast?

I am one of those grandparents Langwitches spoke about of the reluctance of technology combined with reading, writing, and arithmetic. After reading the grade students experience in podcast, I have changed my mind.

These students are learning the three R's and a lot of  other skills. Technology came in swiftly on my generation; we are having difficulties understanding it's usefulness. Langwitches is helping those of us with little knowledge of technology to understand it better.  Technology in education is a plus.

Thanks to Langwitches sharing information on Podcast, I understand what it is and how Podcast can make reading  more exciting. The information will be of great use when I make my first Podcast. I now have motivation because of the experience of those first graders use of Podcasts.

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