Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blog Post Assignment 6 Asking questions: What questions do we ask?

I enjoyed Ben Johnson's article for how teacher ask question and the remedy he gave for improvement. The remedy I will hold in memory, when in the classroom,  ask a question, pause for three seconds then say a student name to answer the question. Johnson's points out this will make the other students think and have a better learning attitude because I've shown I may call anyone.

Composed specific questions are what educators should ask also. These questions should be what you want to know the student comprehended from a subject or what you think the student might ask you. Ask good questions.

Finally ask opened questions and questions where class participation is required in answering the question.



  1. Hi Edna!
    I also enjoyed Johnson's article on asking questions in the classroom. As I stated in my blog post, I hadn't realized the questions we ask our students could be so important. I like the idea of asking a question, then calling on a random student. It allows every student to try and develop an answer just in case their name is called.
    The only advice I have for your blog post is to go more in depth with your response to these articles. Maybe give examples of what an open-ended question is as opposed to a close ended.
    Also, we are suppose to create a link to the articles that we read on our blog posts. Good luck!