Sunday, September 15, 2013

EDM310 Comment 1 for C4T and Comment 2

The memories of seventh grade! I enjoyed how the teacher took us through a special time in his life that mirrored a lot of us. The pictures helped visualize the moment. I appreciate the sharing of his ideal to relate to your grade for a moment.

 This is the grade, changes start in a student life. Leaving silly things behind and start growing into a young adult. I like the ideal, "here's a poster of me in the seventh grade.

I can  see a few hours a week of BOYD, for the learning experience, but no more. These devices can be a problem for the class room. I agree these devices can be a good learning tool, but he did specify the thin line on the use of BOYD in the class room.

BOYD in the classroom is something that should be limited.

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