Sunday, November 24, 2013

C4T Summary # 4

Interactive Quiz: Are you a good Language Learner? - By Larry Ferlazzo A survival manual with a lesson plan, plus videos, is a great tool for educators teaching language. For some students language
 is a difficult subject. These tools make this subject less difficult.

Mr. Ferlazzo is sharing his knowledge on making language understandable. He gives the name of books, locations of web-sites, and  videos as tools for helping to accomplishing this.

Comment # 2- Great Interactive: "Why are we building new walls to divide us?"- These articles gives readers a clearer picture of the kind of world we live in. I personally feel walls are necessary. We are in a world where evil minds still exist. Yes, there are walls that separate all areas of life; the one that I address is the need to protect not only our citizens, but our waterways, soil, and other important structures needed to keep our country, and other countries with wall, safe.

Mr. Ferlazzo, with the photos that he presents, is letting the world know of the many new walls that are being built. He brings to mind the time when walls were being torn down. A new evil has surfaced, these walls are needed.

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