Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blog Post # 13 What Can We Learn From These TED Talks?

These speakers all had the same message, let’s move forward in a new  direction of educating our children. Each had a passion for the message they were speaking about, a genuine concern for the need to reform our education system. This is the main theme in just about all of these speeches. Much can be learned, examples of inexpensive ways, encouraging your students, and peers helping peers are just a few of what these speakers shared in reinventing the classrooms. Educators can think on these speeches, and walk in the classroom with the students future in mind. Hopefully, the thought will be that technology, and hands on type learning will help in fulfilling their job, of readying these students for what is present in today’s world, not yesterday’s world.



  1. Hello Edna,
    Your blog post was a good overall summary of the videos but this post lacked detail. I also thought this blog post was suppose to be a group effort but I do not see where your group members put their input in. The picture goes good with the information in the post.Thanks for sharing!

  2. Edna,
    I think for this assignment you were to chose a specific video to watch and summarize. You are right about the reoccurring theme in the TEDTalks videos however. You can really learn a lot from them as a future educator!

    Also, don't forget to include your group members part of the assignment.