Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blog Post # 11 Ms. Cassidy

Ms. Cassidy had a vision of breaking the classroom boredom. Stepping out of the mold that most classrooms follow, Ms. Cassidy has her place in pioneering technology in the classrooms. Others not supporting her did not discourage her. She admitted there were trails and errors, but that is how she perfected her work.

The technique I would use from Ms. Cassidy's  conversation is blogging. The students interest and excitement using this form of technology  out shines the other forms of technology. One of the many concerns about technology is unruly students visiting bad websites. Notifying the principal  is the only thing legally I can think of.

I want to thank Ms. Cassidy for sharing her students and experience with us, along with the beautiful backyard of snow. Among the many benefits this pioneer has given us, hard work and caring for your students future is what that I will hold in mind.


  1. Ms. Montgomery, I enjoyed reading your post regarding Ms. Cassidy’s interview with Dr. Strange. Educators, such as Ms. Cassidy and Dr. Strange, have paved a path for us, as future educators, to embrace technology. They encourage us to integrate technology in a manner that complements our current teaching strategies. It would be nice to hear more details on how you, specifically, will use these various technologies in your classroom. I enjoy getting ideas from other students in how to implement these techniques we are learning about in EDM 310. You did mention you would implement blogging, but what about skype, wikis, and class web pages? Do these have a place in your classroom as well? Good luck with the rest of the semester and Happy Thanksgiving.