Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blog Post # 12 What Can We Learn From Sir Ken Robinson?

The first thing I would love to grab from Sir Ken Robinson’s speeches, is his statement of being afraid of making mistakes. This has been a great problem for me. He points out that children are not afraid of mistakes and how this is part of their being. "Our education system, programs us and erases that born ability", he states; which is the reason so many of us are not at our height in life. This has been a blessing for me to hear this dynamic speaker; his speeches have released some of the chains from my thinking. Also, Sir Ken Robinson has given us the vision we need in helping reform education. All schools need to send representative to Finland, to take notes, for keeping our students interested in school. Schools, modeling people for the job market, is something I did not think about. The amount of useless degrees in our society is enough evidence to change this practice. The job market and economy are not in step with this practice anymore. It is time to approach our students with different methods of learning. Sir Ken Robinson has shown us the directions to start.

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  1. Hi Edna!

    I enjoyed how you summarized all of what Sir Ken Robinson said in this short post! You summed it all up greatly! I thought so far into that I couldn't relax and put it into my on words! You did such an amazing job. The only thing that I saw was representative should be either a representative or representatives. Nicely done! Good luck with the following weeks of class and with school!