Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blog Assignment # 11 What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning from These Teachers?

These videos from different teachers are on Project Based Learning and Twenty-First Century Teaching. They enlighten future teachers, and informs them that the method of teaching, and holding the students attention, has changed. The stress of the point these educators want other educators to know is the new method of helping our students to learn is different from the traditional method we have known for years .This method causes the student to mix real world events into the learning environment, and letting the community around them view what is happening in the class room. This
has caused an improvement in the students desire to want to learn. Projects that cause the students to become physical, do research, and then place it on youtube or a blog, encourages the student to present their best, because others will be watching their work. These teachers also share with us a view of their classroom using Project Based Learning and technology. I have learned from these teachers that I will have to become more knowledgeable about Project Based Learning and Technology.


  1. Good summary but it would be better if you would summarize each of the 6 assigned individually.

  2. Hi Edna! I think that you did a good summary as well. I do agree with you as far as the central message of all the videos. They are all centered around project based learning. These videos show us the way that students should be learning. This type of learning is going to do a better job at helping the students learn the knowledge that they need to know and retain more of what they are learning. It will also get them familiar with the technology that they will need for the work force. My favorite video is the one about Brian teaching the second language learners because he was really able to make a difference in those student's lives.